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Our commercial team has serviced companies within the metal manufacturing supply chain for over fifty years. Producers, distributors, fabricators, and service centers around the globe recognize SMP as a premier value-added recycling outlet. Our team can offer a program that best suits your demands. SMP programs include spotted roll-off containers, hedging options, extensive tracking and reporting, assay laboratory, XRF Niton capabilities, and extensive quality assurance. Utilizing domestic and international outlets our team can offer the highest net return for your industrial grade recyclable products.


The metals trading staff is highly in tune with fluid movement in supply and demand trends around the world. All grades of nonferrous and ferrous products are sold to consumable outlets in a rapidly changing, fast-pace environment. Market expertise is utilized to offer the highest net return for our supplier’s reclaimable assets. Why choose SMP? Competitive pricing, market leading grading, quality control, and value add production capabilities allow our traders to offer a sustainable solution for your scrap metal needs. We look forward to working with you to develop a program that bests fit your organization.

Consumers (SMP Supply):

SMP is committed to supplying products that meet or exceed our customer’s quality specification. Our leadership team has supplied all grades of commodities into brokers, foundries, ingot markers, and mills across the world. We welcome the opportunity to meet your procurement needs regardless of any packaging, payload, form, and conformance constraints.

Forms available include but not limited to the following:  

  • Chops or granules – (various gauges/purity)
  • Strip or ribbon
  • Coil
  • Stamping, punching, and shred.
  • Straw